A Franciscan Heart

The Catholic faith has been timeless in its teachings of creation stewardship and the redemption of the whole of creation. The Church has always taught us to approach creation and its creatures as caretakers with love and wisdom. Biblical revelation and Church Tradition informs us that we are only strangers in a strange land, nomads on a journey in search of a homeland. One that asks us to keep in mind that we are part of a greater family, one that is the non-human and elemental, established by God as written  in Genesis.

The “mystery” revealed in the Bible to all humankind is that God through Christ reconciles ALL things unto Himself.

Created in the “image of God” mankind is called upon to act in peaceful, responsible stewardship, committed to the environmentally sound virtues of hospitality and humility. Remembering always that God is the source and ground of ALL truth.

“Behold, I make all things new.”

~Revelations 21:5 (Jesus)


Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Clare viewed creation as a gift from God and enjoyed earthly things as few other people have enjoyed them. They shared great gratitude for these gifts and were reflective in their physical and spiritual lifestyles of their unconditional dependence upon God’s care, as is all of creation.

I have always had a Franciscan heart and came into the realization of that after I converted to the Catholic faith.

I have searched the web and have garnered great Catholic insight into stewardship and care of this planet, much of it from a Franciscan perspective as well as through the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and associated sanctioned Catholic websites. Might I suggest to you the following websites to inspire you and increase your desire to serve God as a “good steward”:

The Acton Institute

Laudato Si

Franciscan Earth Care Initiative

Franciscan Action Network

Kolbe Center

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