Animals In Heaven?

~by Susi Pittman

As Catholics, we know that our human loved ones are called by Christ to join Him in eternity, dwelling in heavenly bliss before God, enlightened by the light of glory, sharing in the fullness of the eternal life Christ has prepared for us. But what about our pets, and the animals that fill the earth and the beauty of creation?  I write this book as a way to explore tenets of the Catholic faith that address creation; of bringing insight and spiritual truths to animal lovers and lovers of creation; and as evidential support of the truth that all creation was given its order, time, place, and purpose from its Creator, who sustains and preserves it at all times, forever!

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The joy of sharing the message of my book allowed me to meet and work with folks in various occupations and vocations. What a joy!

Appearance on The Harvest Show

Appearance on WNDU at Notre Dame