About Me

Susi Pittman

There is no greater moment in one’s life than to come to the profound truth of what you were put here on earth for. For me, it occurred twice. The first time was around the age of eight which was my awakening in faith and falling in love with the Roman Catholic Church and the second was at the age of ten where I remembered the amazing awareness I had to the created world around me. The two merged and I would forever find myself immersed in the beauty of both.

I have spent most of my life helping our lesser brethren, the creatures that fill our domestic homes and those who compliment the wilds of this planet. It was always second nature for me to reach out to any animal in need.

Today, the journey continues for me. I have rescued and provided a forever home for over 230 animals. I have become a Catholic creation advocate and animal advocate. I have supported the humane treatment of animals in all the ways that humankind has need to interact with the creatures. And most importantly, I do so in response to the Faith that holds the authority and truth of God almighty.

I live the dream in the hills of northern Florida, where I serve as a Director of Religious Education and RCIA Director for my parish. I became an Associate of the Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Augustine in 2011; I am a member of the Catholic Writer’s Guild, St. Johns Chapter; I recently finished my Diocesan training as a Lay Ecclesial Minister in Pastoral Counseling; I support the ASPCA, the Arbor Day Foundation, the Franciscan Earth Care Initiative and remain committed to the Catholic values of creation and animal advocacy.

*There is but one God who exists in three persons; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

*The natural realm of this universe exists because the love of the Father created it; it entered into being through the Word, the Son; and it is sustained by the power of the Holy Spirit

*Everything that God created is “good”

*All things were created to glorify God and return to Him

*Man was given the unique ability to choose to love God in return or not

*All other creation was given a “particular good” and hard-wired to receive God to the fullest extent it is capable

*God wants the entirety of creation to join Him in perfection

*God’s love for us supersedes all boundaries and is beyond our power of understanding

*God knows everything, He is the Author of life. He knows intimately all that He has brought into existence. A trillion years from now, God will remember the first atom that He ever created in this universe

*God lives outside of time in the “forever now” of eternity

It is my hope that your visits to this blog will raise you up and inspire you to the love that the Creator has for YOU and for the whole of creation.

Peace be with you!